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Yantu Compressor Inflator: Your Roadside Savior for Faster and Hassle-Free Holiday Travel

Yantu Compressor Inflator: Your Roadside Savior for Faster and Hassle-Free Holiday Travel

Over the next few months people will be traveling more to visit family and friends for the holiday. Nothing is more disappointing than having trouble with your vehicle sidetracking your plans. There are a lot of products on the market today to help you avoid all these disruptions. One product that our family has found to important to carry along on our trips is a tire inflator.

You will find a market full of tire inflators but most of these inflators will not be able to get you back moving fast enough. The product that will get you back on the road faster is the Yantu compressor inflator. This product will outperform most tire inflators by far.

Some of the unique features of this compressor is the ability to run 40 minutes at 40 PSI allowing you to fill up that flat tire faster and without delays. There is an overload auto shut off that also protects the compressor from overheating and it will reset once it’s ready to be used again. Inflating a tire will also depend on the amount of pressure that the tire still contains as to how fast the tire will take to be inflated. In most cases the time for an average tire inflation would be around 5 minutes.

This 12-volt air compressor has an oil free direct drive more which means no maintenance needed. No batteries to charge or worrying if a battery will hold up. This compressor is a direct hook up to your vehicle battery using the power cord that contains the battery clamps. This power cord is 8 ft long so you can set the compressor on the ground and reach your vehicle battery easily too. No worries about the air compressor moving around, it has anti-vibration feet on the base of the compressor.

Double mufflers keep the noise levels down on this compressor so comfortable to be around with running. You will find this compressor is made of solid metal materials. It is heavy but this compressor is made to last.

A 25-foot air hose with a quick connection made of strong aluminum alloy is included. It also comes with multipurpose accessories and there is a storage port on the top of the compressor, so you know where these accessories are without the need to search. A large storage bag is also included for easy transporting and keeping all the parts in one place.

Whether you are traveling or are out enjoying an off-road trip you can be assured that this air compressor can keep you moving along. One point to make is this compressor could put a drain on your battery. It is recommended that you leave your vehicle running when in use and it’s best if you let it run for 30 minutes to recharge if you use this compressor for an extended period of time. Just knowing this air compressor is tucked about in our vehicle gives us peace of mind that if we run into an emergency we can handle the situation ourselves quickly and get back on the road.

I received this product for testing. These are my personal opinions after testing the product.

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