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Get Creative with Monogrammed Christmas Stockings for a Unique Holiday Look

Get Creative with Monogrammed Christmas Stockings for a Unique Holiday Look

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. You will see numerous products I will suggest over the next few weeks. Some of these products will be decorations, home décor and gift ideas. Just a little background so you will understand what I look for when if comes to decorations and décor items for my home. I like farmhouse style items and some rustic looking items. I also like to repurpose items to use for my home.

One of the first things that I do is hang Christmas stockings to get the holiday feel fast. This year I wanted to go with a new color scheme though I do mix and match If I find something I really like the color scheme can go out the door. I found the Infleesh 20-inch Monogrammed Christmas stockings in the gray color I wanted to use this year. I wanted my stockings to give warmth to my overall design. The stockings are 20 inches by 9 inches.

These Christmas stockings come with stocking holders but don’t limit your imagination when it comes to hanging your stockings. I have used ribbon, foil ties and greenery ties to allow me to place my stockings in different spots. I want my holiday decorations to have a unique look, something different than what I am going to see in another setting. I have hung stockings on the fireplace, cabinet knobs, on garland, staircase rails, dresser knobs and even on a wreath. Each stocking can hold up to 5-8 lbs. of goodies.

There are three colors available of monogramed Christmas stockings . You can choose from Red, Red Wine or Gray colors with white felt top. The monogram is a gold letter with a decorative small Santa hat. The monograms are sewn on not the glued on most brands use.

Traditional colors of red and wine red give the nostalgic Christmas feeling to any décor. Bring in some gold, silver and green to mix and you have the full tradition color scheme. The gray color fits the modern and farmhouse style themes. The neutral color of these gray stockings can be combined with any color to give a traditional, modern or farmhouse décor.

Some people do not like to use the monogram stockings because its possible they have multiple family members with the same initials, they have trouble finding all the letters their families need and it can be hard to find the same stockings as their families grow. But really Christmas stockings with monograms do not have to be the initials of your family members, it can be so much more. What about using a letter for a nickname, or spelling out Santa, Snow, Xmas or even your last name. All of these different ways of using the stockings would give your décor a uniqueness that you will not see at your friends, family or neighbor’s home.

These stockings are functional if you want to stuff them with goodies for your family. The stocking has a nice 3-inch-thick ring tab to hang on the stocking holder allowing for light weight treats. If you are like my family, we fill our stockings then sit them on the floor or along the sofa for the kids to find.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your kid’s teacher, bus driver, hairstylist, daycare caregiver or anyone that you give a special gift too these stockings would be a welcome gift. Fill them with snacks, gift cards, or pick a theme. Teachers can always use gift cards, snacks, a special ornament, or a hobby kit if you know their hobby. A good theme to use is movie night, coffee break, candy lovers (filled with a variety of candies) or for avid readers a good book, chocolates, and some snacks.

You can find these stockings through the link below. Remember if ordering to double check you have the color and letter you want to order in your cart. I think the dark wine color would look nice mixed with the gray stockings too. Both the gray and wine colors are deep rich colors and would add a touch of elegance to any décor. If they are out of a letter, mixing colors might be a good choice.
I received these Christmas stockings for testing purposes. All of the information above is based on my opinion only.

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