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Review for EASILOK Deadbolt Lock, Model E4

Review for EASILOK Deadbolt Lock, Model E4

This EASILOK Deadbolt is very unique the way it is designed.  It can be installed in any standard door as the center bolt is adjustable from a 2 3/8” thick door to a 2 ¾” thick door, standard sizes for most doors.  The kit comes with all hardware needed for the install of the mechanical section if your door has already been prepped.  If not prepped it does come with a template and directions on how to prepare the door itself.  I would say that a good handyman or person with some experience can install this deadbolt as long as the door has been pre-drilled for a deadbolt.

The basic premise of this deadbolt is you can lock the door with a simple twist of the outer door handle or Spindle as I want to call it as it spins right or left from center.  This is the easiest deadbolt I have seen and has security features built in.  The Spindle is spring loaded and returns to center once released.  Once in he locked position it can only be opened from the outside with a key.

This deadbolt is designed to be locked from the inside or out.  There is a small button on both the interior and exterior spindle that plays a function of security depending on use.  For example, if you are inside and you press the button called a “Dead Button” in the directions, you can have the deadbolt engaged and locked, and no one can enter even if they have a key.  This is a security feature so if you are working and do not want to be disturbed, only you can open the lock from the inside this way no unwanted guests can enter through this door.  

If you lock the door from the outside and press the dead button forward, it locks the spindle so it cannot be turned from the outside.  It can still be opened from the inside however if you are working late or need privacy.  This can be used if an employee or family member is leaving through the door and they spin the door to lock it behind them, now only the person remaining in the building can unlock the door from inside and relock it as they depart.  A key is now necessary to open the lock from the outside.  Granted, if a person knows the button is there, they can pull it back and spin the spindle but they still cannot open it without a key.

The keys are a standard Schlage design, so making copies as needed is simply at most and hardware location.

Overall, the deadbolt seems to be built very well.  It is heavy in weight and solid to the touch.  The finish is very good.  The one I have is black with an anodized finish that looks and feels great!  This deadbolt can be used for many different reason where security or privacy is desired.

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