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What is an Offset Patio Umbrella and How to Enjoy It.

What is an Offset Patio Umbrella and How to Enjoy It.

An Offset Patio Umbrella, also known as a Cantilever or Side Pole umbrella, differs from typical umbrellas because it is supported by a pole on the side instead of the middle, and suspended in the air.
Here are some ways to enjoy your offset patio umbrella, but ultimately, it's up to you to decide what you'd like to do with it, and how you are going to use it.

1.Over Your Pool
We all love to float on our pool floats and rest in the relaxing movement of the water, but the sunburn, No! Offset patio umbrella to the rescue! Place an offset umbrella to the side of your pool, set it over the water, and you've got a great shade spot right over the water.
2.Over Your Lounge Chairs
As you relax in your chaise loungers, maybe on comfortable patio chaise cushion, having a center pole umbrella, even a rather large one, can be a little obtrusive. With an offset patio umbrella, you can place the umbrella out of the way, behind or to the side of you. Now you can have space for an outdoor table, or rolling bar, or a TV.
3.Over Your Table
One of the best things about an offset umbrella is that there are no center poles to get in the way of you looking over your table to see others. Conversing at a patio table takes a whole new perspective once you get that center pole out of the way. And, moving your table around doesn't take a long time because there is no umbrella attached to it's center. Plus, there's the added benefit of adding more usable space to your table top. Pop in that hole cap that came with the table!
4.Create a shade area
For most people, a shade area is usually a common area where they like to gather or converse. Maybe by a pool or next to a barbecue. You can create a shade area anywhere really, so keep in mind those open areas in your patio or garden where it's fact, nothing is happening there. Bingo, perfect spot for a shade area, and a neat side post umbrella.

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