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2021 Most Popular Ways to Stop Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away

2021 Most Popular Ways to Stop Patio Umbrella From Blowing Away

Your patio umbrella blowing away, whether it is patio table umbrella or large offset umbrella, could be a terrible experience for your family gathering outside. Unexpected falling down of umbrella would cause very serious danger to kids. You never want to spend more fixing umbrellas. Neither will you endure the hotness without shade from sun.

Before buying new expensive patio umbrella, read some tips about how to avoid above mentioned cases. Let me share with you most popular ways in 2021 about securing patio umbrella.

Keep the umbrella closed if it is not used outside
This is a very easy way to keep umbrella safe, but quite a lot of people might not have this idea, because they usually think patio umbrella should always be open outside. Keeping umbrella closed in high wind could reduce the risks of damage. Usually there is a cord that we could use to tie the umbrella fabric so that it could hardly catch wind.
Choose a suitable base with enough weight
It is very obvious that the more weight the base has, the more secure the umbrella could be. If possible, choose a base heavy enough to keep the umbrella stable. Cement bases are what people tend to choose. There are other bases, such as some bags that can be filled with sand. If you live in area where there is more wind, sandbags are great option and they are very affordable.

How to decide how much weight i need to add to my patio umbrella? Here is a very easy way. Just multiply the width of the umbrella canopy by 10. A 9 ft umbrella usually requires a base of at least 90 lb. A 10 ft offset umbrella needs a base of at least 100 lb.

Find a durable table

Offset umbrella or other big hanging umbrellas do not need table because umbrella pole is not in the middle of the umbrella. We suggest the use of a durable table to support your patio umbrella. Sitting besides the table under the umbrella is what most people now do during leisure time in their garden.

Strengthen umbrella ribs

We advise you to choose umbrella made of fiberglass if you have enough budget. Otherwise choose aluminum one. If not for a classy look, we never suggest the choice of wooden ribs because such umbrella could fall apart easily in storm or heavy wind.

These should be a few more tips that we can use to avoid umbrella from blowing away by wind. Feel free to share with us if you have any good idea.

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