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What to Know Before Starting a Bathroom Project

What to Know Before Starting a Bathroom Project

Design professionals, fielding the same questions from clients day after day, know that a little upfront knowledge on the part of homeowners goes a long way in smoothing the construction process. A design expert reveals the three things that every client should be aware of before starting a bathroom project.

A Good Tiler Is Necessary
If you do have tiling experience and have done it well, then you can do it by yourself. But if not, I persuade you not to take a risk. Planning the tiling and tiling itself are both art forms. I have seen far too many new bathrooms that look good only when you're not wearing your glasses. Once you see a crooked tile or uneven grouting, it cannot be unseen.
A tiler who plans the space, tile by tile, should not only determine the placement of cuts, but also make the grout lines perfect so that he can be worth his weight in gold. You may be tempted to tackle a job that seems straightforward, but don't do it. Especially if you have contrasting grout.
Or consider giving your standard tile a punch by splurging a bit on trim pieces as accents. These will give your room an interesting, graphic element, but the small quantity needed won't break the bank.

Upgrade Knobs and Pulls
If you don't have the funds to spend on a custom vanity, don't fret. A simple model can look one-of-a-kind with some pretty hardware, like the pulls seen here. Try a vintage or specialty store to find hardware that is unique.
Oversized handles, for example, can add a touch of drama and interest to an otherwise plain bathroom. Have you got a high bathroom ceiling? Find the biggest pendant light your electrician can lift, and fill the bathroom with an object so demanding of attention that it develops a personality of its own. You'll find it gives your bathroom a real designer edge and detracts from the cheaper elements in the space.

Source the Bathtub Carefully
The bathtub is one of the most expensive features of a new bathroom. Gorgeous versions from upscale manufacturers can run more than $10,000. To get a similar look, check Craigslist or local architectural salvage shops for vintage tubs under $500. For $500 to $700 more, you can have it professionally make your bathroom as good as new.
If you have any tips for decorating a bathroom, please leave your comment below.

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