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Some Useful Tips For Purchasing A Patio Umbrella

Some Useful Tips For Purchasing A Patio Umbrella

When you want to spend some quality time in your patio, alone or with companions, relaxing or having fun, but the sunlight outside is so strong that people can be sunburned. A patio umbrella is your best solution. Here are a few key things to consider when shopping for a patio umbrella:

1.What do you want to shade?
For a regular size dining tables, a traditional market umbrella should do. These umbrellas feature a center pole that mounts through a hole in the center of your dining table and rests in a firm base. These umbrellas feature ribbed canopies and can be opened and closed via a crank or simple pulley system. Available in sizes up to 16 ft. in diameter, many market umbrellas have a tilt feature for optimum shade throughout the day. Canopies are available in a variety of fabric grades and colors.

For larger dining tables or entire seating areas, a cantilever umbrella works better. This style of patio umbrella features a heavy-duty pole (mounted in a very heavy base) from which a long arm extends to hold the umbrella canopy off to the side. This enables you to shade a large area while keeping the pole out of the way instead of in the center of the canopy. Available in many sizes and shapes, cantilever umbrellas may also offer a tilt feature, and canopies are available in a multiple fabrics and colors.

2.What type of climate do you live in?
Windy Areas – If you live in a windy area, here are some things to consider:
Buy a quality patio umbrella with flexible, replaceable canopy ribs, a large diameter pole, and an extra-heavy base. As wind can bend or break canopy ribs, snap poles, or pull umbrellas out of their bases. Remember to keep your umbrella closed when not in use.

Near the Ocean – If you live near the ocean, consider a patio umbrella with an aluminum pole that will not rust or deteriorate from the moist, salty air. Look for canopies that are UV-protected, resistant to mildew, and easy to clean.

High Altitude – Higher altitudes mean closer proximity to the sun and more intense rays beaming down on your umbrella canopy. Over time, this can result in fading and accelerated deterioration. All of our umbrella canopies are designed for intense outdoor sun. Why not give it a shot?

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