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Three Tips to Perk Up Your Garden

Three Tips to Perk Up Your Garden

Spring is upon us, however, our garden is still in sound sleep. Are you looking forward to embracing a green and beautiful garden full of energy and romance? Well, you are not alone. Now, why not gather your tools and give your garden a real difference for the upcoming season.

What's your choice about seeds? What do you want your garden blossoms into? A lawn, or a world full of boston ivy dotted with colorful flowers? A wonderland surrounded by vines and lavender? Or maybe an orchard with all kinds of fruits such as watermelon, grape and pomegranate? Or maybe you'd prefer a garden mixed with vegetables, fruit and flowers. Now that there is a picture in your mind, try listing gardening catalogs and deciding what plants you want to grow.

Is the place right for plants to grow?Do not rush to make the final decision. Before buying the seeds, try to figure out the conditions of your garden according to previous data. For example, you should avoid growing sun-loving plants in shade, or vice versa, otherwise, it may be just an effort for nothing. Match plants to your garden’s microclimates, and adjust the location to find the best suit.

Have you ever prepared the tools you'll need to work?
1.A pair of gloves is a must-have. They can protect you from being poked and scraped, as well as helps keep you from the injury of debris and insects. 
2.A trenching shovel will also free you from a lot of heavy work, which makes digging and clearing out trenches easier. You can even use it to mix your soil before planting new seeds.
3. Do not forget to add a rake to your purchase list. After all, hard soil shouldn't be the barrier to stop you from having a thriving garden. Grab this rake and you'll find it's not so tired to spend the whole day working in the garden. 
4.A watering can is also something you should consider. It works as a way to hydrate your plants. Its long and thin spout makes it easy to water thick flower beds and ensures moisture reaches every part of the plant.

Check out the watering cans on now! I'm sure you'll love them!

Are you ready for the flourishing this year? Leave us your plan for the garden in the comment.

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