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3 Tips To Have a Better Sleep

3 Tips To Have a Better Sleep

After a busy day at work, we finally can go home to have a rest. All we want is good relaxation during the sleeping, thus we can be in high spirit the next day.

We can say that a night of good sleep is closely related to our efficiency in work. But the annoying thing is that sleeping sometimes could make our night more tired than the day. What's wrong and how can we have total relaxation during sleep? It's very essential when we choose our bedding and improve our sleeping environment.

1. Choose a right pillow

Do you know about cervical spondylosis? People are very easy to have it because of their wrong choice of pillows. When you realize the importance of pillows, you will be confused by the different kinds of pillows in the market! What kind of pillow is suitable for you? There are thousands of good pillows, but only one suits you.

You need a malleable pillow that will mould the curves of your neck. My advice is that the pillow should have a suitable height and is not very hard or soft. A suitable height pillow can keep your cervical, neck, thorax and lumbar spine are on the same level.

For an adult, too hard a pillow could make his scalp uncomfortable. While the pillow is too hard, his neck muscle could feel fatigued and is not conducive to sleep, as well as affect the blood circulation.

2. Choose a right mattress

In fact, people had better give more consideration to a suitable mattress. A mattress support five parts of the human body namely the head, shoulder, lumbar, buttocks and leg. So, a soft or a hard mattress do decide the effect on your lumbar vertebra. Actually, too soft or too hard a mattress both harm your lumbar vertebra. A moderate hardness can provide greater load-bearing capacity, and help people adapt to the natural physiological curve of the human skeleton when they sleep, which is a better way to protect you from a tired sleep.

Some tips to protect your mattress

Giving that a mattress is very large which means it can be very hard to do a cleaning, a mattress protector can keep you away from this worry.
A good mattress always is waterproof, machine washable and anti-mites.
Additionally, you can also choose the material of Waterproof Breathable Fabrics with Micro-pore Membrane and the one made of natural bamboo which would be friendly with your mattress.

3. Choose a right curtain

I advise you to choose the curtain with dark color. A flocked curtain is said to be able to stop light because it contains pigments that absorb specific colors of light. That can confirm a dark environment for your sleep.

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