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What Temperature Sleeping Bag do I need?

What Temperature Sleeping Bag do I need?

Do you know what does temperature rating mean? Is it an important indicator when you choose a sleeping bag? And, how can we use this number to help us choose an appropriate bag for the job?


Firstly, before choosing that - you should ask yourself:

1.Do you mainly go camping when it's cold? When it's hot? Or both?
2.If it's going to be cold when you go camping, how cold will it be? Is there a chance of frost or snow?
3.Are you sleeping outside? In a tent? How big is the tent? How many people live together in this tent?


With that in mind, let's talk about sleeping bag temperature ratings.

+5 to +10 degree sleeping bag
+5 to +10 is considered a summer bag. It's about as warm as sleeping with a blanket or light blanket over you on your bed at home.

0-degree sleeping bag
The 0-degree sleeping bag is great versatility but won't keep you always warm on snow or a cold night.

-5 to -10 degree sleeping bag
-5 to -10 degree sleeping bag is considered a winter bag -that's similar to an extra flannel sheet and a blanket or 2 on your bed at home.

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