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How to Wash and Care Your Bedding?

How to Wash and Care Your Bedding?

Bedding care may seem simple enough. Some people just toss them in the wash. Actually, it is totally wrong. Well, here are some tips for you to keep these daily essentials fluffy and absorbent for years to come. If you are interested in that, please read it below.

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?
You're not in college anymore, so washing your sheets once a month doesn't fly. Body oils, sweat, and germs build up quickly on your bedding and so it is important to keep your sheet clean. Our recommendation is to run a load every week. But if you're heavy in the sweating department, consider upping the frequency to twice a week.

The Best Way to Wash
It is much easier to clean bedding compared to higher-maintenance wool sweaters or lacy bras. Most sheets and mattress protector require warm water in a regular cycle, but read the tag to be sure. If the label stresses that you should separate your dark colors from your white colors, you better do that, otherwise, it will be a mass. And each sheet could differ depending on the fibers. Speaking of those fibers, you should avoid getting lint all over your clothes. Throwing a stray cotton T-shirt in with your bedding is fine, but items like socks and shirts often get stuck inside the sheets and either get lost or don't get cleaned properly. Washing sheets and mattress protectors separately from clothing may keep your bedding clean.

Spot-treat Bedding
It feels really relaxing to have a cup of coffee in bed in the morning or you know, watch a movie while having a piece of pizza. But it is much annoying when you get food stains on your sheets or have marks on your pillows from oil or face cream. We recommend pre-treating the area with an oxygenated-bleach stain solution. For any heavy stains, it would be better to pre-soak before you throw it into the machine so that it can be clean as before.

Make Sure To Wash Your Pillows
Washing your pillowcase isn't enough. To remove dirt, dust, drool, and more, you should launder your pillows at least once a season. Place the pillow into a gentle cycle using warm or cool water in case of shrink. When drying, set your machine to a light-not a high heat-cycle and add wool dryer balls to fluff out the feathers so there's no clump.

If you have any other ways to keep bedding clean, please leave them below.

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