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How to make sleeping bags last longer

How to make sleeping bags last longer

1. Spray to remove mildew
After returning from each trip, hang the sleeping bag and spray it on the inside and outside of the sleeping bag with Febreze or similar mildew spray, which can effectively remove pollen and mold spores, and there will be no peculiar smell when used next time.

2. Only compress when necessary
It is fine to fill the sleeping bag in the compression bag during travel and transportation, but once you reach the destination, immediately pull the sleeping bag out and shake it to make it fluffy back to its original appearance. Long-term compression will lose the down bulkiness and warmth retention properties of the down.

3. Keep the sleeping bag dry
A waterproof compression bag is a good investment. During the outdoor journey, it is inevitable to encounter bad weather such as rain and snow. Putting the sleeping bag in a waterproof compression bag and keeping the sleeping bag dry is the top priority to ensure outdoor comfort and safety. At the same time, Keeping the down dry also helps to extend the life of the sleeping bag.

4. Keep your body clean
Sweat, dust, and oil are natural enemies of insulation materials such as down and will reduce the effective thermal insulation capacity of sleeping bag filling materials. The outdoor environment is inevitably dusty, and you need to clean your body after a long day of hiking. If possible, put on clean camping clothes. This helps sleep and keeps the sleeping bag away from dust, sweat, oil, and unpleasant odors.

5. Consider using sleeping bag liners
The inner liner of the sleeping bag can protect the inside of the sleeping bag from dust and dirt pollution and increase a certain degree of warmth retention. The inner liner can also make people feel a little tight and awkward, but it does extend the life of the sleeping bag.

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