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How to Choose a Camping Sleeping Pad

How to Choose a Camping Sleeping Pad

Choosing the right sleeping pad is a of great importance to comfortable feelings. However, for most people, it can be difficult to know what pad is suitable for you. So, right now, we listed 3 steps to chose the best one that we hope you find helpful.

Step1: The first thing to make sure is what activity you’re purchasing this pad for.

An longer adventure will need a very specific pad. But most short-journey camping adventures will allow you to select a pad with a lot of versatility.


Suppose you are going on a week-long backpacking trip and some serious altitude increase. Weight and packaging space will be precious, and you will want an ultra-light, technical air mattress.


Maybe you are planning a canoe trip and know that you will also go on some car camping trips this year. You need a more concise approach, and your options will provide greater versatility. Weight will not be an issue, so you can choose a thicker, stronger, self-expanding, open-cell foam cushion that is suitable for many different adventures. Even if space becomes an issue, open-cell foam packaging is fine.


Step2: Comfort, warmth, convenience all come at a trade off in weight and bulk. 


Feathers like feathers

Ultra-light cushions and greater packaging capacity provide a little less warmth, which may have to be inflated with breath. But if you carry all the equipment on your back, packability may be your most important consideration. A cushion like this will give you the warmest and most comfortable lightest and smallest package size.


Convenient Cloud Convenience

Maybe your hiking adventure, and your backpack, can give you a few extra ounces of space. You may want to choose a mat with a foot pump, to save your breath, especially at altitude.


Step3 :Choose size and insulation


For size, most pads are approximately 6 feet long and 20 inches wide. More technical pads can reduce the volume, so if you are less than 6 feet tall, the Regular pad will strike a balance between coverage and package size.


The insulation capacity of the cushion actually depends on its construction style, manufacturing materials, and the quantity and type of insulation materials in the cushion. This is a trade-off. However, insulating inflatable cushions from lightweight materials can help a lot while improving warmth retention while maintaining packaging properties.

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