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Fast Drying Towels: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Fast Drying Towels: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

1. Quick-dry towels are super absorbent
Most of the quick-drying towels on the market are microfiber, which is more absorbent than a traditional towel.
Due to the strength of the hose, you don't need the same size as regular towels to do that job and they will dry quickly on you.

2. Quick-drying towels are fast drying
There's nothing worse than the smell of that wet towel in your car or tent. Quick-dry towels are designed to dry faster than regular towels.
They dry quickly, which means you don't have to leave wet towels on the campsite. Also, they don't leave bad smells in the tent after washing or odors in the back of the car after a trip to the beach.
A quick-drying towel will dry in less than half an hour outdoors, but a regular towel will still take hours to dry.

3. Quick-drying towels save space
Quick-drying towels are ideal for hikers and others who have little space in their pockets.
For hiking, this is one of the main benefits of a walking towel. Quick-drying towels are one of the few items you can pick up "if not ticked" and leave one in the back of your car and car without having too much space.

4. Quick-drying towels are soft
Microfiber is soft, if not beyond traditional towels. Maintains its softness to clean without the need for fabric wear. Some will be easy to clean with a washing machine right now.

5. Quick-drying towels are durable
The fabric doesn’t tend to pill or accumulate fluff like normal towels. If you find sand or dirt on the surface, it is easier to clean from the way the fabric is made, to replace the beach towel.

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