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7 Steps to choose a most satisfying patio umbrella.

7 Steps to choose a most satisfying patio umbrella.

Want to purchase a patio umbrella for your yard but don't know how to choose? Follow these 7 steps, and you will surely find a patio umbrella that fits your patio best. 

1) Choose the style of patio umbrella which best matches your patio.
Key elements you should take into considerations are the area of shade you wish, the style of your environment, and your budget.

2) Decide the canopy diameter that you need.
The initial purpose of a patio umbrella is to offer shade from the sun. To achieve this goal, it is vital to choose an umbrella that offers enough coverage from the sunlight. Generally, canopy diameters range from 6' to 16', offering you a wide range of options.

3) Select the canopy shape that best complements your outdoor environment.
Popular canopy shapes include square, rectangular, and octagonal. Different shapes can help form different styles of your patio.

4) Choose the canopy fabric that you prefer.
Consider your environment before you make your decision. If your patio is continually exposed to humidity and heat, you may want to choose a canopy made with a high-grade synthetic fabric.

5) Determine the lift mechanism that you like.
Popular lift mechanisms include sidepost crank lift, center post crank lift, and pulley lift. Choose one that works best in your yard.

6) Decide which color and pattern is the best match for your setting.
Patio umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors. You can also find umbrellas that feature patterns, stripes, and multiple colors.

7) Prepare a replacement canopy in advance.
A replacement not only can help you get prepared to potential damageds to your canopy, but also gives you the right to switch the look of your outdoor area by featuring a canopy with a different color.

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