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5 Tips for Storing Your Patio Umbrella

5 Tips for Storing Your Patio Umbrella

As you know your beautiful patio umbrella is constantly exposed to the elements. High winds, bad weather, excessive sun, and pests can all cause slow, persistent damage to a beautiful piece, often case the need to buy a replacement canvas or sometimes even needing to replace the entire apparatus altogether.

So you should be either storing your patio umbrella when you don't need it for a long time. But most of owner lack of the knowledge how to do that. How can you ensure it stays in good condition? What are some useful tips? Right now, we've listed a certain tips to reach it and extend your umbrella's life.

1. Close and tie your patio umbrella. As we know, many people just close up the umbrella and tie it up with some cord. Your quality patio umbrella should come with an attached tie to secure the canopy. Close the umbrella, then pull each panel and fold it over the next one. This lessens the chance of wrinkles in the fabric when the period of storage.

2. Be sure your umbrella clean before storing. Water attracts dust and dirt and this is the problem arise lead to grow mold on the fabric. A small wipe with a rag or towel is feasible to protect it.

3. Store your patio umbrella in safe area. Using patio umbrella covers extends the life of umbrellas. Hanging your umbrella or lay it down on a large shelf or in a safe and dry area. The long-term storage area should not have any persistent moisture.

4. Cover the exposed edge. A piece of cardboard or a folded plastic bag will be great helpful. It helps to protect the umbrella aluminum or connecting thread from scrapes or dents.

5. Routinely check Your Umbrella: Closing it when you’re not using it means that your umbrella will fade less from the sun, and it’s important to occasionally check to make sure that hives and nests have not been gathering inside as a result of our natural neighbors.

Ronvio strive to offer the best outdoor experience for your home with our outdoor umbrellas. We also provide the most professional advice once you meet any issues about how to store it and also would like to help you return or exchange through contacting our customer service.

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