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Juicer Juice Extractor 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer with Wide Mouth, for Fruits and Vegetables, BPA-Free

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Product Details

1、 Powerful motor: 10 seconds speed squeezing, one step faster, the rest of the time enjoy fresh juice, drink healthy new patterns, delicate craftsmanship, easy operation, evenly cut six-blade blades, full juice vitality, delicate juice Silky mouthfeel, 13,500 rpm, strong inner core, 300W motor power, maximize the juice output of soft, leafy vegetables and hard fruits.

2、 Higher efficiency: 304 stainless steel with six-blade blade. The 80 ° chopped blade can squeeze more juice. A more efficient juicer can extract up to 20% juice and 30% vitamins and minerals.

3、Safe and easy to clean: food-grade TRITAN material, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, all materials in contact with food are safe. And all spare parts can be disassembled, the juicer is easy to install and clean.

4、 Humanized design: multi-color optional, one machine with two cups, leading the retro trend, different colors are also high in face value, double cups and double lids can be changed at will, sporty cups are light and convenient, and the straw mason cup looks good.

5、 Simple operation: Four steps of nutrition and health, the Mason cup is screwed on the knife head, aligned with the arrow, the cup is tightened, the rocker switch is pulled down for 10 seconds, the lid is replaced to enjoy the juice, supplement vitamins, and vitality is activated. Drink healthy new tricks: fruit smoothies, ever-changing juices, summer desserts.

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Juicer Juice Extractor 3 Speed Centrifugal Juicer with Wide Mouth, for Fruits and Vegetables, BPA-Free